Contemporary Art


The Contemporary Art Collection of the University began to take shape in 2008 with works by Andalusian artists born during the first half of the 20th century. More than twenty works that, in a process of decontextualization, were temporized within this collection. Many without having seen the light outside their place of creation or simply emancipated from a previous set of pieces, abandoned their authors’ studies to go on to swell the cultural heritage of the University of Seville.


Within the first contingent of acquired pieces, painting predominates, and representation fluctuates between figuration and abstraction. Carmen Laffón, Teresa Duclós, Gerardo Delgado or José Soto, among others, share the wall again. They are joined by other contemporary figures such as Manuel Barbadillo and Luis Gordillo. The creations of other authors, also of extensive experience, but from later generations, have been acquired on the occasion of the exhibitions held in CICUS (Center for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville) throughout its annual agenda. Dionisio González, Pablo Balbontín or Ana Palacios have enriched the Collection with their photography, adding this discipline into the compilation.


Recently, to all the works acquired in these ten years, works by Chema Cobo, Francisco Molina or Curro González have been added with the firm conviction of reinforcing an own discourse for our collection. A narrative that intends, by connecting with the dynamics of the cultural programmes of the University, to consolidate a corpus in which reflection on culture and the work of art itself become the guidelines of homogeneity for the whole, establishing a Background Dialogue.

Further Information

The collection is housed in different spaces of the University (Rectorate, CICUS – Madre de Dios, Faculty of BBAA) and visits are not entirely allowed.


Main location

Rectorado. Calle San Fernando 4, 41004, Sevilla.


Opening hours

From 08:00 to 21:00 h






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