The Pedagogical Museum of Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Sevilla (the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Seville) makes a review of the History of Contemporary Education in order to put into practice the didactic use of historical and educational heritage.


In words of Pablo Álvarez Domínguez (2011), a Pedagogical Museum is an interpretation center of the historical and educational culture, alive and active, that seeks to guarantee the study, conservation, exhibition, diffusion and interpretation of all material and immaterial education heritage. It is conceived as a multifaceted space: an intergenerational encounter, didactic innovation, active training and generator of projects and pedagogical experiences.


Since the creation in 1989 of Research Group of the Andalusian Research Plan HUM206 “History of Non-compulsory Education in the University District of Seville (1845-1980)” one of its long-term objectives was to create a space for the recovery, conservation, study, dissemination and didactic use of historical educational heritage. The materialization of this project happened on October 4, 2012.


This was made possible by a first I+D+I research project awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2004, with the title “Creation of the Andalusian Pedagogical Museum” and then in 2009 with a research project of excellence awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business of the Andalusian Government entitled “Creation of the Virtual Educational Museum of Andalusian Historical Educational Heritage”.


Although the ideas to musealize the collection are much greater, at present only a small space is available on the second floor of the Faculty of Education Sciences. Given the limitations, it has been decided to recreate a postwar classroom, with four double desks and the teacher’s table. On the few meters of available wall, maps, didactic sheets and three controversial elements of the represented moment hang: the crucifix, the image of Franco and the one of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.


A sample of the different sections in which collections are displayed in the showcases, organized as museum units, around the following curricular areas: 1. Natural Sciences and Mathematics; 2. Geography and History; 3. Arts and Crafts; 4. Religion and Politics; 5. Female Education; 6. Early Childhood Education; And 7. Leisure (games and toys). School manuals, bibliographic copies and a photo library complete the collections.

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